Set Building

The Penguin Club often builds scenery for the groups that it works with. Whilst this is often done in homes/garages of people who are involved with a show, some groups and theatres are lucky enough to have better workshop facilities.

Listed below is a list of workshops suitable for set building. These facilities are not owned by The Penguin Club, and we generally can’t help you arrange to use them. Please contact the relevant owners of each facility if you want to make use of them.ADC Theatre Workshop

Park Street



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The ADC Theatre has a small but well-equipped workshop under the main stage. This workshop can be used for free by any show that is performing at the theatre but access is by arrangement with the management (typically it’s available after the previous show’s get-in). Restrictions on workshop use apply during an hour of quiet time on Sunday morning and during the dress rehearsal of other shows using the venue. The workshop can’t be used during performances of other shows for anything other than quiet painting (at the descretion of the duty manager) because any sound carries up to the stage.

It may be possible to arrange additional time in the workshop by negotiation with the theatre management and the preceding shows, but this is not guaranteed and is very much dependent on how much space is needed by those other shows.

The workshop is equipped with a large selection of hand tools and power tools, though the power tools can only be used by people who have received training in their operation by the theatre management. Staff are usually happy to provide training by prior arrangement, and you should contact the ADC Theatre for more information about this.

There is also a collection of stock flats, drapes, furniture, and metrodeck/treads that may be used for free by shows performing at the theatre. A very small amount of this stock is available to hire, at cost, for use in other venues. In both instances you should contact the ADC Theatre for more information about what’s available.Lolworth Barn

Hill Farm

Huntingdon Road



CB23 8DP

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Lolworth Barn is a set storage facility with space for set building and painting, in some barns at Hill Farm, Lolworth. The barns are rented by Bawds and Combined Actors of Cambridge, and if you’re building set for one of their shows, you’ll be able to use the space for free. There may be a small hire charge if you want to build set for another group, and this may be dependent on the time and space required by Bawds and Combined Actors of Cambridge.

There are a large number of stock flats (of varying quality), and also a furniture and an extensive props store. Subject to availability, Bawds and Combined are happy to lend out items (scenery, furniture and props) to other local groups in return for a donation appropriate to the group and the show.   

The barn has space to work on large pieces of scenery, but is only equipped with a small selection of hand tools. Electricity is available if you want to take your own power tools. The barn can get super cold in winter, so it advisable to wrap up well if visiting. The barn does has a kettle for hot drinks, but no other food or drink preparation facilities.

Since the A14 upgrade has been completed, access to the barn is a lot easier and safer, and there is now access by bike or on foot. The closest you can get by bus is Bar Hill, 2 miles away on surfaced paths. Hill Farm is off the A1307, parallel to the A14, between Bar Hill and Swavesey. Turn towards Lolworth but as you start going uphill onto the bridge, turn left (Hill Farm Cottages) and then right onto Hill Farm’s private road. Watch out for the speed bumps.

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