Where to get help

Nearly everything we do in the theatre is based on teamwork and we like to think we’re a supportive bunch. Please don’t leave problems so long that they become crisis before seeking help – it’s always better to get more brains on a problem earlier in the schedule if you can. If you need help or advice on anything, there are plenty of ways you can find it… 

  • Your Production Team – these are the people who know your show the best – the intended vision and limitations involved. 
  • Discussion List – this is an opt-in un-moderated mailing list where members are free to post anything vaguely theatre related. Often there are discussions on how best to achieve a result, and an archive of messages is kept for reference.
  • Ask People – either on email or in the flesh – most people are happy to share their experiences and thoughts.
  • First Wednesday – this can be a good forum to discuss a problem over a pint where there are likely to be several people interested in what’s going on.
  • Crew Directory – is a searchable list of who has undertaken which role for which show, which can help you focus on who might be able to answer your questions.  It and the Members List have people’s contact details. Our website lists what various roles can involve.
  • Facebook – our closed members group is an alternative method of posing a question to the Club (though beware not all members are on Facebook)
  • Turning up to watch someone perform a particular role  can give you an idea if it’s something you want to try for yourself. Let us know if you want to do this or get in touch with someone from the show directly. For a more active role it may be possible to shadow someone through the production process. You might also find you already know more than you think!
  • Supporting other shows can widen your experience – turning up to get-ins and get-outs lets you see how other shows come together
  • Committee – can help point you in the direction of those who may be able to help
  • Training – on pretty much any theatre related topic at any level can be organised in advance and on request – let us know what you want!

Upcoming Events

Come meet us or help out at one of our get-in, get-out or social events!