Recruitment Emails

It’s important that our members get the right information about the roles you’re trying to fill so they can know if it’s something they would enjoy doing and you get the skill set you need for your show to be successful.   

These email adverts are more productive if our members can easily see the information they need to make a decision on whether your show is for them.  Usually the important bits of info are:

  • Show title
  • Venue or location
  • Relevant build / rehearsal / performance dates / times
  • Who to contact about getting involved
  • Says what you’re looking for help with – are you looking to help build the set in the run up to the production? To fill key production roles (Lighting designer, stage manager)? For crew to help put the show into the venue or to help with the running of it? Many theatrical job descriptions mean different things to different people so it’s worth looking at our [production roles] page.
  • The level of complexity/skill you think will be needed, especially whether this is a good opportunity for a new member or if you need someone with substantial experience

We’ve given some example adverts below.  They’re not perfect, but hopefully illustrate some of the points you can include.

Production team example

Fictional Productions is putting on a production of “Penguin Phish Party” and we’re looking for people to join our production team for this exciting show!  We’ll be performing at the Awesome Theatre in Cambridge from 15th 19th October with the get in and tech on the Sunday 13 with the dress rehearsal on Monday 14th October. 

The set is based on a giant mackerel that in the finale spins and opens up to reveal the flock of live penguins in its belly!  To make this happen we’re looking for the following to join our production team:

  • Set Designer who can take our ideas and come up with designs for construction
  • Set Builder who can take the designs and physically build the set (could be the same person as the designer)
  • Lighting Designer.  We’re hoping the set will bring the “wow” factor to the show, so our needs here are fairly simple here and this may be suitable for someone looking to gain more experience in lighting design..
  • Penguin Herder who can ensure the welfare of the Penguins we’re hiring from Cambridge zoo and liaise with the theatre staff on animal activities.
  • Deputy Stage Manager to attend rehearsals and call the cues for the show once we’re in the theatre. 

  If you’re interested in finding out more about the roles we’re looking to fill and whether they’re right for you, please get in touch at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  

If you’re thinking that the show sounds interesting, but you’re not quite ready to take on one of the roles yourself, do remember that it may be possible to shadow someone else doing the role.  This will allow you to follow them through the production process to see what’s typically involved and ask questions all along the way.   Get in touch with us and let us know you’re interested. 



Get-in/crew example

Hi Penguins,

Fictional Production’s show of “Penguin Phish Party” is going into the Awesome Theatre this weekend from 9am on Sunday 13th.  We’re looking for get in crew to help get everything set up, and floor crew to help run the show during the week.  

Get In

We plan to start on Sunday with the grid shift and LX rig, followed by the set construction at about 11:30am onwards.  All hands are welcome to come along, even if just for an hour – it’s all useful, and no experience is required to make a difference!  If this is your first get in – never fear!  We’ll have someone on hand to give you a quick tour of the venue, to take the time to explain what we’re doing and why, and help you get stuck in. 


As for crewing the show – we need 3 people each night to move some small pieces of furniture on and off stage.  We need one of these people to be in all week to lead the floor crew team, but as it’s reasonably simple stuff, the other two roles can be happily filled by a variety of people –  so if you are free for a night or two next week, sign up!   We can easily show you what needs to be done before the show starts.  You’ll need to be at the theatre for 6:45 pm and the show should be done by about 10:15pm.  

If you’re new to us and backstage theatre and would like to just come along and watch what goes on backstage for an evening, that’s fine – let us know if  you’re interested!  Typically we like to let the show get comfortably up and running, so this usually happens in the latter part of the week.  Stay tuned for further emails! 

See you all soon,


Bad example

We have a graet show coming up and we need the creme de la creme to join our top teamm for our show in Autumn 2032.  Get in touch if this is u. If your crewing it would be great if you can do the full run, but we will consider those who can onli do a couple of days much closer to the time.


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